Free WiFi

Luck Bros' Coffee

A neighborhood coffeehouse that really cares.

Pour Over

Like black coffee? Check out the Clever Brewers where we'll prepare you a 10 ounce cup of coffee while you watch.

Local Donuts

We feature artisinal donuts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings from local donut maker Destination Donuts.

Espresso Flight

Fond of espresso? Try the flight; you get to try the espresso straight, in milk, and cold brewed.

  • Single shot espresso (1 oz)
  • Traditional cappuccino (5 oz)
  • Kyoto iced coffee (6 oz)
  • House baked cookie

Iced Coffee

We brew our iced coffee in cold brew drippers from Kyoto Japan. Is there another option for Kyoto style cold brew coffee? Not if you're fussy.

Vinyl Records

We spin our vast collection of records all day on two vintage Garrard turntables through a vintage Marantz tube amp.


All our coffee is roasted on site in small batches. We put a lot of effort into our coffee sourcing. Sustainable farming practices and economic fairness are top priorities; and all coffees are sample roasted and cupped for quality before being selected for purchase.

Ironic Sizes

You don't have to have five thousand stores to make up your own drink sizes. These are ours:

  • Awesome 12 oz
  • Indecisive 16 oz
  • Party 20 oz

Loose Teas

Loose leaf teas are just better. We taste compare our diverse selection of black, green, and botanicals among various importers regularly to offer the best quality teas. Many of our options are Fair-Trade and Organic Certified.

Free WiFi

WiFi is available for customers so bring your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or whatever device you kids use to check your facebook. We even have some outlets built into our bench seating so you can stay charged.