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We are so very much about the coffee.

Coffee Beans

We strive to find coffees that are unique, fun, and celebrate the vastness of varietals and farming practices. We bag our coffee in high-barrier bags right after roasting so that it will stay fresh longer.

Brewed Coffee

To get the most out of aromatics, we grind fresh coffee right before we brew. We always have someting good ready if you are on the go, but if you have some time you should try one of our more adventurous coffees brewed to order.

Iced Coffee

Our Kyoto Iced Coffee is made in Japanese coffee drippers which were invented in Kyoto, Japan. It takes six hours to brew. There may be other iced coffee, but not like this.


Espresso is coffee

We taste our espresso every morning straight and in milk. The blend changes every month or so as different coffees become available. When the change is dramatic, we change the name of the blend too. We have called our blend Hard Luck, Dark Energy, Brazzle Dazzle, Heisenberg, Pinkman, and Helvetica. Blending coffee for espresso is a fun challenge and naming new blends is kinda fun, too.

Try the Flight

A single shot of espresso, a traditional 5oz cappuccino, and a 6oz sample of our Kyoto iced coffee will give you a single sitting experience of our offerings. Plus you get a cookie!


All of our coffee is roasted on site in small batches with meticulous care.